Simple Ways to Stay Active During the Day

Simple Ways to Stay Active During the Day

The pressure of having to exercise, especially while you’re stuck at home, can be
daunting. But there are plenty of fun ways to keep moving that don’t include lifting weights or
setting aside hours for yoga.

Use a Stability Ball as an Office Chair

Multitasking at its finest! This is a great way to improve posture, strengthen your core,
and stay on your toes throughout the day.

Take Short Walks

You don’t need to do an entire loop around the neighborhood in order to stay well.
Sometimes, breaking up a long walk into multiple, five-minute strolls during the day can help
you squeeze in the exercise you need in order to manage blood pressure, heart health, and
mood stability.

Sit in a Squat

The next time you take a phone break or need to read an article, hop off your chair and
squat for as long as you can, or possibly until you’re tired– we believe in you! This will strengthen
your quads, ignite your core, and you make feel like a superhero.


It’s not just a warm up. Stretching daily has a wide array of health benefits, from
improving your joint range of motion to keeping you alert. It’s recommended to stretch before
and after sleep, but squeezing in small stretches while you work is helpful, too! Chair yoga is a
real thing.

Work Standing Up

You don’t need to order a standing desk online. Migrating to the kitchen and working on
the counter will do the trick. Start with a short amount of time, then gradually increase how long you stand for.

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