Normalizing FaceTime

Video chatting used to be reserved for family and friends who live in different states or countries, not different neighborhoods or households. Half of those calls would consist of catching up. The other half would be marveling at how great it is to see each other with the help of technology.

But the language, etiquette, and commonality of FaceTiming has extended far beyond our work meetings; it’s how we’re maintaining our dearest relationships, now. To embrace the changes and stay connected, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite ways to take advantage of video chatting, with both old friends and new ones.

Get the gang back together!

Schedule a night with your old high school buddies, or your favorite crew that you used to work with. Chances are, everybody’s thinking about each other. In the same way that Facebook transformed how people re-engage with their past, video chatting can change who we can let back into our present, regardless of where we live or what we do.

Have a movie night!

Pick your favorite classic, or whichever film you don’t have to pay a ton of attention to. Whether you use an app, or you both count down from three and press play at the same time, find little moments to share with the people you miss.

Schedule virtual happy hours!

Even if you live in the same town or city, give your best bud a call when you sit down for your evening highball, whether you planned to or not! Tapping into that spontaneity is fun and cheerful, and it’s something a text message just isn’t urgent enough to do.

Do chores or laundry with a friend!

Why haven’t we been holding each other accountable for this since the dawn of clothes?! Pick a buddy to plan a video call where you both fold your laundry and chat, like your neighbors from the 1960s hanging your clothes out on the line! If you can make it happen weekly, well, you’re a match of socks made in heaven.

Cook together!

Cooking is all the rage these days, but it can get stressful, especially when you realize how many times you need to open up an “ounces to cups” converter on your phone. Plan a time with a family member or friend and whip up a new meal together! You can both use your own kitchens, make your own meals, and guide each other through the hard parts (or simply catch up, if you’re already skilled chefs).


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